VoicED is a leading provider of Public Speaking, Debate, and Academic Writing classes. Our custom curriculum gives the students a competitive advantage and a lifelong public speaking and oratory skills. We offer a solid foundation in English Grammar,  Mechanics and Academic Writing – all critical skills to succeed on the SAT, in college, and in life. Check out our camps and workshops in Advanced Reading Comprehension, Intensive Vocabulary Mastery, Essay Composition, Academic Writing and Research.

Working hard to get to your dream college? Come and craft your College Essay with us! Want to speak with ease and debate like a pro? Boost your confidence and entrepreneurial skills.? We teach you how to own the stage. All consultations are free of charge.


Public Speaking – Extemporaneous Speaking and Interpretation, Impromptu Speaking, and Humorous Interpretation

DEBATE – Declamation, Dramatic Interpretation and Duo Interpretation, Lincoln – Douglas Debate, The Big Question Debate

Rhetoric 101 

English Grammar and Mechanics 

Essay and Academic Writing with focus on creating a strong thesis statement

Reading Comprehension – Language Arts and Science

Vocabulary Foundation from Classical Roots

Intensive Vocabulary Builder from Classical Roots

AP Literature

Writing to Publish

College Applications – by appointment only

College Essay Writing  Workshops – space is limited so register  ahead of time to reserve a spot.  This is a step-by-step essay proofreading and guidance to ensure getting in the school of choice.

College Essay Writing one-on-one – our qualified instructors will conduct a free evaluation to determine how to best highlight the student’s personality and talents. We meet during a set number of sessions to make sure the student stays on track with the outlined plan and works on unlimited revisions of the essay until the final result is achieved.

After School Enrichment and Homework Help.


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Our Story: 

If you would like to meet coaches who understand the importance of building the foundation of language and the importance of the ability to speak with freedom and joy, you can find them here, at VoicED.

As the poster instructors for several generations of successful speakers, VoicED has launched a game-changing program, that transforms the shy and stage frightened speaker into a powerhouse of ideas, free to speak in front of any audience. Here, at VoicED, we believe that nailing a great speech is simply a matter of how well the speaker is able to think, write, and deliver to captivate the audience. It takes practice, dedication, and passion.

We welcome you all to give it a try!

Our secret? Well, for one, we can really bring out results!

Our clients stand out from the crowd by showcasing proper written and spoken abilities. First and foremost, as successful professionals, we have a sound knowledge of our client’s needs. This quality has never been quite as important as it is in the today’s noisy, digitally driven marketplace. Today, a relentless stream of information has to be processed and converted back into a synthesized, coherent message, to ensure that the speech presented to the audience is successful.  “Finding your voice” and speaking in a way that you are heard and respected can therefore be the difference between getting lost in a sea of voices, or hitting the potential goal between the eyes.

Here at VoicED we  never stop improving our clients’ writing and speaking abilities because the first version of oneself is never the final version – it’s a game of metamorphosis.

Our Public Speaking classes are designed to overcome shyness, to connect with the inner self, project with confidence, and deliver with conviction. Learn how to write speeches and present as good as TEDx speakers. Pitch original ideas and convince the audience with persuasive speeches.

Our Writing Workshops are designed to eliminate writer’s block by learning the craft of writing. Write with excellence and speak with confidence to own the stage.

What is your story?

To sign up for any of the classes or for more information call (408)373-8953 or email voiced.live@gmail.com.


M. Gencheva

Founder and CEO, VoicED


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